Nirvana Video Connections
Do you notice how all the people are at first conformed? It is as if they have not yet found who they are and what they are meant to be. My philosophy states that everyone is important and unique to themselves. In this movie at first everyone is the same and they do the same thing for most of the movie, until they start to rebel and do things that are against the school rules. The cheerleaders, the janitor, the students, and the band members are all part of this movie and they are what makes it interesting. They are also extremely unique which allows them to be different parts of the puzzle. It you were missing one piece it wouldn't have the same meaning.

Unnatural Killers
This story can easily scare you because of what happens to the teenagers that are involved in it. They are supposedly influenced by an extremely violent movie and then they end up going and killing people across the country. This is an amazing example of how the littlest things can influence a person, including people that reside in the background. The two teenagers had rough family lives and that is possibly part of the reason that they chose the actions of killing people. Not only was the movie violent, but so were their lives. How would things have turned out if their family and friends were different? It could have saved lives and sometimes I think that people do not realize the kind of impact that they have on other people lives.
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From the ocean, to the mountains, and the plains beyond lie pieces of matter that all make up the earth we live on. Trees, shrubs, bushes, butterflies, flowers, grass, dew drops, and many other aspects of nature are crucial to life as we know it. Can you picture a world without the simple beauty that is displayed through nature? I think not… The water that we survive on comes from the clouds, which get it from the rivers, which get it from their source in the mountains. It is one gigantic circle, one gigantic world that needs even the smallest creatures to be successful. The fresh scent of a rose would be for naught if we didn’t have bees to pollinate the flowers. And the flowers could not grow without the sun. Even the seemingly gross creatures take part in the world also. Everything in nature lives in harmony; maybe humans could learn something from that.

Transcendentalism- Into the Wild
Into the wild symbolizes a young man’s perusal for something greater in life. He wanted to be one with nature and explore the land on his own. He wanted to be transcendental and move onto the bigger picture. In the end, he died after many long and hard months of survival in the wild. However, he died happily. I wonder what made him do that. Did he have problems with his other life? People said that he was very handsome and smart so I’m sure that he could have made a very good living. Instead, he chose the path less taken. That is what being a transcendentalist it all about. I believe that the smallest things took part in his life to make him change his ways. There must have been some kind of event that made him decide to leave civilization. Did he read Thoreau or Emerson’s writings and decide to try and live like them? The tiniest things could’ve changed what he wanted to do. Like the quote by Henry Ford, he was different than everyone else and had a different plan for himself. I only wish that I could’ve had a chance to talk to him, face to face, and learn about why he chose that path of life.
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